MIAMI, April 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — BioNitrogen and the City of Perry in Taylor County, Florida are pleased to announce an agreement in principle which will address the City of Perry’s un

Bio nitrogen

The agricultural industry today faces significant new economic and environmental challenges at both regional and global levels. In our commitment to the development of safer, cleaner bio-technologies,

An opportunity for growth in a global market

Nearly 150 million tons of urea are consumed globally each year. United Suppliers, Inc. has forecast that demand will grow 3.2% annually to create a $96 billion global market by 2019. Our modular, hig

A superior product, made in America

Our patented process combines existing urea manufacturing technologies in a new and proprietary model that will produce a range of high-quality urea products agile enough to respond to changing techno

A revolutionary & proprietary new technology

Our proprietary manufacturing process will use agricultural biomass as its feedstock, in place of natural gas and harmful chemicals, to create a high-quality urea fertilizer for a fraction of the typi

A greater return on investment in less time

Nearly 150 million tons of urea fertilizer are consumed worldwide annually. The Americas represent roughly 17% of global consumption, yet only produce 10%. This translates to high import costs on fore

A significantly smaller, cleaner footprint

Our proprietary process and our plant design are both proof of our commitment to the development of clean, environmentally responsible biotechnologies. The plant itself is much smaller than a conventi

An innovation with expanding applications

While agriculture represents the largest use of urea today, its applications are growing rapidly on a global scale and in a broad range of industries including automotive, chemical, medical, marine bi

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