We're dedicated to the development of innovative
manufacturing processes that benefit our customers,
our shareholders and the environment.

The Innovation

Our patented manufacturing process combines existing technologies in a new and proprietary way allowing for a smaller plant design that can be replicated worldwide. Our compact footprint fertilizer plants, combined with continuous process improvements, will allow us to respond to changes in feedstock, technology and products.

Each plant will be capable of producing 520 tons of high-quality urea per day, or 179,400 tons annually, in a range of urea products.

The uniform plant design allows for easy replication in multiple locations where feedstock is plentiful and urea is consumed. This allows for rapid and cost-efficient off-site construction, as well as cost-effective operation and maintenance. Each plant consists of six interconnected modules. Significantly, this flexible design approach, together with our turnkey operational strategy, opens the door to construction in local farm communities worldwide.

Our ability to acquire biomass feedstock such as urban wood waste or crop residues from local farmers then sell the resulting urea back into the same community creates significant opportunity for growth in our operating geographies.

The BioNitrogen plant design is well suited for any location where there is as an adequate supply of biomass available. This flexibility allows the company to pursue expansion into various parts of the world, particularly in developing nations. The compact and uniform footprint construction also increases the ease with which plant and technology updates and modifications can be performed.

BioNitrogen’s modular production facilities can be built and shipped to locations worldwide using standardized plans and specifications.

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