Our Vision

BioNitrogen is committed to environmentally responsible
technology innovations that produce green, clean energy
products capable of protecting the environment and
building value for farmers and our shareholders.

Our Commitment to Environment

We are committed to the conservation of resources and energy and to a non-polluting manufacturing process that will use renewable raw materials. Because we will use surface biomass products as a carbon feedstock source, we will not release previously trapped subterranean carbon into the atmosphere.

The majority of traditional urea producers use subterranean natural gas in the production of urea, but we will use a range of renewable biomass products instead.

Some examples include:

– Cotton gin by-products
- Corn stover (leaves and stalks)
– Palm fronds, trunks, and other fibrous matter
– Rice and peanut hulls
– Sugar cane bagasse (fibrous matter)
- Paper goods (newspaper, office usage, cardboard, etc.)
– Wood (wood mills, municipal waste wood, etc.)
- Construction and demolition pre-treated wood

We are dedicated to the protection of life, health and the environment for current and future generations:

– We commit to providing all the necessary resources to construct and operate our facilities to comply with all applicable regulations and laws.

– We commit to promoting the development and implementation of effective systems to minimize risks to the environment.

– We commit to using the best technologies and processes to continuously improve safety levels and the responsible consumption of resources and materials.

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