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BioNitrogen gets 3-year extension

  • June 24th, 2015

BioNitrogen gets 3-year extension

Last Modified: Jun 4, 2015 12:36PM

Commissioners unanimously approved an amendment to the Florida Department of Transportation Economic Development Transportation Project fund agreement for BioNitrogen, the environmentally-friendly plant planned at the Weekley Industrial Park on C.R. 833 to convert biomass into urea fertilizer. The action came at the May 26 regular meeting.

The agreement between the county and FDOT allows for the design and construction of a 12-foot wide right turn lane from southbound CR 835, another from northbound CR 835 and a private access road for the main entrance of the commercial development. The agreement needs to be extended because the plant location had to be moved, design alterations were called for and new technology forced changes – all requiring permitting and financing changes.

The new amendment extends the agreement till June 30, 2018 with design work beginning no later than March 31, 2016.

The county is looking at BioNitrogen as an economic boost and job creator.

A company representative told the board that this is the first such plant in the world and technical issues are bound to come up. He said the company is planning an almost identical one in Taylor County, which is having some of the same issues.

No special exception
The board of county commissioners ultimately denied a special exception for a small religious retreat on Captain Hendry Drive. The 5-0 vote came after a special hearing.

Property owner KC Stanley Lynn had sought a special exception to the medium density residential (RG-2) zoning at her home at 590 Captain Hendry Drive. A recent widow, Ms. Lynn had hoped to use her large home as a religious retreat for clergy. She said there would only be about 20 guests per year, each staying for several days. She and her daughter would remain in the home. The guests would not be coming and going, she said, but would use the property as a “peaceful sanctuary” and she was not looking for financial but spiritual gain.

She noted that the family has hosted community events on the property regularly, along with family get togethers with no complaints.

Opponents cited wear and tear on the small, dirt access road, which has now been purchased by the local homeowners association.

Ms. Lynn stated that they have always tried to maintain the road, even though they did not own it and are not members of the homeowners association.

The request was originally approved 3-2 by the LPA on March 11 with condition that the property not be used for drug or alcohol counseling or as an abuse shelter and that the applicant pave the access road, but was denied unaninmously by the commissioners. Ms. Lynn can appeal the decision within 30 days.


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