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Taylor County, Florida | Taco Times

  • August 14th, 2014

From Perry News-Herald, Taco Times, August 6, 2014

The Taylor County Commission unanimously approved a Future Land Use Map amendment for a 55- acre parcel located on Foley Road (CR 30) across from the Buckeye mill which landowner Foley Timber & Land Co. hopes could be the future site of a new business here.

The amendment changes the property from the mixed-use rural residential land use category to an industrial land use.

In June, despite vocal opposition from a number of neighboring property owners, the commission unanimously agreed to transmit the application to the state for review.

The county has since received letters from a variety of state agencies, including the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Department of State, none of which requested changes to the amendment before the final approval by the commission.

At Monday’s public hearing, Bo Taff spoke on behalf of Foley, calling the hearing “the last of many steps” the application had been through.

“All the applicable state agencies have reviewed (the application) with effectively no comment,” Taff said.

“We would respectfully ask you to support the amendment tonight,” he concluded. One neighboring property owner spoke as well, urging the commission to reject the amendment application saying that after researching the issue, “I am even more against it than I was at the first hearing.  “I’m not against the company,” she said, referring to the West Palm Beach based BioNitrogen, which is considering the site for a future plant in Taylor County. “I’m against it in my backyard.”

She went on to say she was concerned about the potential noise from a plant on the Foley property as well as dangers from the plant itself.

“I’m not the only one in the neighborhood against it. Don’t put our lives in danger like that.”

After no one else from the public requested to speak on the issue, Commission Vice-Chair Pam Feagle asked if anyone on the board wished to comment.

No one did so she then asked for a motion.

Commissioner Jim Moody made a motion to approve the amendment and Commission Jooy DeVane seconded.

The measured passed 4-0. (Commission Chairman Malcolm Page was not present at the meeting.)


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