Why Invest

Investment in BioNitrogen is an investment in an American-made,
clean technology innovation that creates a product vital to the growth of stronger, healthier crops. The innovation is non-petrochemical-based, and will deliver a high quality, low cost product to farmers worldwide. This will mean better returns in less time for the farmer and the investor.

Global urea consumption is projected to reach 195 million tons by 2017 representing a net growth of 31 million tons over 2012 or a 3.8% annual growth.1 This is forecasted to create a $96 billion worldwide market by 2019.2

How BioNitrogen Will Compete
  • 1.
    A patented technology capable of manufacturing a non-petrochemical-based urea fertilizer that is low cost & high quality
  • 2.
    A local process enabling distribution directly to the rural markets where the urea is produced, worldwide
  • 3.
    An environmentally responsible, domestically-produced urea alternative that will reduce import and logistics costs, optimizing the value chain to farmers while improving their profit margins
  • 4.
    Innovative, clean technology manufacturing plants each capable of producing 520 tons of green, domestic urea fertilizer per day, or 179,400 tons annually, in a range of products agile enough to respond to changing technologies, new industrial applications, and overall market demand
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BioNitrogen’s exclusive urea manufacturing process will be more cost- and energy-efficient than conventional urea manufacturing processes, in addition to being significantly more environmentally responsible.

How Innovation Makes Us Different

  • 1. Our Process: The manufacturing process will use naturally occurring woody biomass – or residual agricultural waste – as its feedstock, in place of subterranean hydrocarbons such as natural gas with its highly volatile pricing structure; this biomass would normally be burned or dumped into a landfill.1
  • 2. Our Plant Design: The turnkey manufacturing plants will be compact in footprint. They are designed for high-efficiency operation; each can be built in the rural markets they serve, close to abundant sources of biomass feedstock.
  • 3. Our Efficiencies: The only by-products of the manufacturing process will be clean CO2, sulfur and fly ash, all of which are currently used by – and will be sold to – other industry segments. Electricity generated by the process will be used to offset operational energy consumption, and all water required by the process will be continually recycled and reused.
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BioNitrogen’s patented urea manufacturing process will deliver an overall return
on investment superior to conventional urea manufacturing based on a low-cost,
high-efficiency production model and a better cost management structure.

How We’ll Deliver a Better Return on Investment
  • 1. The plants will be constructed and installed for less than a conventional, natural gas-based plant–
    approximately $300 million versus more than $1.5 billion– and in roughly a third of the time typically required

  • 2.The plants’ proximity to and use of woody waste biomass as feedstock ensures a more stable and
    lower-cost manufacturing process that is less impacted by volatile fluctuations in the cost
    and availability of natural gas

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BioNitrogen’s ability to rapidly and cost-efficiently construct and install its innovative urea manufacturing plants in areas where biomass feedstock exists abundantly creates a significant opportunity for growth within our operating geographies.

How We’ll Grow Competitively

BioNitrogen’s near-term growth strategy is to build 10 plants in the US and elsewhere
in the next 5-7 years with a long-term growth strategy of 20 plants worldwide where stable
and abundant sources of biomass feedstock exist

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BioNitrogen has secured the strategic partnerships capable of accelerating
the growth of– and mitigate risks associated with– our business concept.

How Our Partners Give Us an Edge
  • 1. We have signed a framework agreement and 25 year off-take contracts with United Suppliers, Inc., an organization of 735 agricultural retailers that provides crop nutrients to approximately 2,000 farmers in 20 states and 3 provinces. The relationship secures long term contracts for up to 100% of all plant production in the US and Canada.
  • 2. We have signed an agreement with BioResource Management, Inc. to manage the logistics and delivery of woody waste biomass feedstock to BioNitrogen’s plants. BioResource Management,Inc. specializes in the management of woody biomass resources for energy, chemical and fuel production.
  • 3. The Louisiana Community Development Authority has granted approval of the issuance of up to $1.25 billion in tax-exempt bonds for the acquisition, development and construction of 5 plants in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.
  • 4. We have received approval from the Florida Governor to issue up to $600 million of tax exempt bonds, with St. Louis-based Stifel Nicolaus to act as a an underwriter for the bonds. The funds will be used for the construction of the Taylor and Hendry County plant.
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Our executive team is highly experienced in a diverse range of industries
including energy and technology research, chemical and industrial
engineering, corporate finance and private equity.

Our Executive Team

Graham Copley

CEO & Member of Board of Directors

Fredy Pedroza

Operations Manager
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